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Visa and Travel


Please see below the list of countries eligible for visa-exempt entry.
Conference participants who are not eligible for visa-exempt entry must apply for a visa at the nearest Kyrgyz Embassy, Consular Office or via an e-visa. You should provide in your application the AUCA certificate number. This will be provided to you by email after submission of the conference registration form. For more information on an e-visa.

Everyone can use the e-visa system, but please note that passport holders of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan must put China in their application. E-visa holders must arrive via Manas International Airport, Osh Airport or the Korday border on the Kyrgyzstan-Kazakhstan border.

On the conference registration form you can indicate the need for a visa support letter. It is also possible to write directly to the AUCA conference secretariat for formal invitations for funding or visa applications at

If you will apply for a visa at the embassy or consulate, because you are unable to apply via the E-Visa system, please note that the AUCA will need to apply for a visa code for you at the Department of Consular Services, before you can submit your visa application. This will take some time and therefore you are requested to inform us before 15 July whether you would need a visa support letter.

Countries eligible for visa-exempt entry:
Azerbaijan; Armenia; Belarus; Cuba; Georgia; Kazakhstan; Laos; Moldova; North Korea; Russia; Tajikistan; Vietnam
The nationals of the following countries are eligible for visa-exempt entry for 90 days:
Malaysia; Mongolia; Turkey; Ukraine
The nationals of the following countries are eligible for visa-exempt entry for 60 days:
Australia; Austria
Bahrain; Belgium; Bosnia and Herzegovina; Brunei Darussalam
Canada; Croatia; Czech Republic
Finland; France
Germany; Greece
Iceland; Ireland; Italy
Latvia; Lithuania; Liechtenstein; Luxemburg
Malta; Monaco
New Zealand; Norway
Poland; Portugal
Saudi Arabia; Singapore; Slovakia; Slovenia; South Korea; Spain; Sweden; Switzerland
The Netherlands
United Arab Emirates; United Kingdom of Great Britaina and Northern Ireland; United States of America; Uzbekistan
More detailed information in Russian is available on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs: or visit for  English information for example the following website   

Manas International Airport is the main airport of Kyrgyzstan and is located 25 km away from the city center. The airport operates 24 hours and meets the requirements of the International Civil Aviation Organization. It is connected with international hubs such as Istanbul – Ataturk, Moscow – Domodedovo and Moscow – Sheremetyevo with daily flights. Please find here a table with the main airline connections to Bishkek.

Taxi from Manas airport to Bishkek will cost you around $10.  Please turn to the Information Desk at the airport to arrange a taxi to Bishkek, avoid negotiations with free-lance taxi drivers.
Taxi options in Bishkek
There are a lot of taxi companies in Bishkek.  Many official taxis have a meter that will be turned on as soon as your journey begins. The ride from downtown to AUCA will cost you around $3.

Here are the most popular taxi companies in Bishkek:
SMS Taxi
Short number: 1236
0551 06-1236,

Jorgo Taxi
Short number: 2022
0550 33 2022,

Udacha Taxi  
Short number: 154,

Express Taxi
Short number: 156

Alfa Taxi  
 0312 579999

Public transportation
Bishkek has an extensive network of mini-buses, known as marshrutkas. They generally cost KGS10 (KGS12 at night).

Go to the to find out which mini-bus number you should take or download the free Android app to use offline on your mobile phone.

The following marshrutkas go to AUCA from Dostuk Hotel:  172, 180, 151, 117.
Currency exchange
Som (KGS) is a national currency of Kyrgyzstan.
Foreign currencies can be exchanged at banks and at authorized exchange offices (usually they work 24/7). The US Dollars is the easiest currency to exchange.