Asian Borderlands Research Network

Conference excursions

We would like to offer our conference participants three optional excursions to explore more of Bishkek and its surrounding.
Please note: The excursion costs are not included in the conference registration fee.

If you would like to join, please register via the registration form available from our website before 20 July 2018.

Please note: You should notify Ms Martina van den Haak ( before 1 August 2018 at the latest if for some reason you cannot participate in the excursion. Otherwise the excursion costs will be charged to you.

Sunday 12 August, afternoon
Guided Tour: Science and Technology (by STAB)

Price: $12 per person (payment should be made to the guide)
Duration: 2 hours (please, consider wearing comfortable footwear)

The tour explores the Soviet productive utopia and its physical reminisces, buildings and structures that have shaped the city. "Science and Technology" is one of the most influential utopias of the last century, the formula of development of the Soviet society to a triumphant overcoming of alienation, suffering, diseases and even death. The tour presents urban facilities in Frunze/Bishkek that furthered the idea of science as a total organizing power – the building of the Academy of Sciences, experimental "Albanski" house, factory "llbirs," Planetarium, Society "Znanie" (Knowledge).

Wednesday 16 August, morning
Guided Tour: Fragmented Dream: Monumental Mosaic 1960-1980 (by STAB)

Price: $12 per person (+ free map) (payment should be made to the guide)
Duration: 1 hour 30 min (please, consider wearing comfortable footwear)

A map of the Soviet mosaics in Bishkek was published as the result of a two-year (2012-2014) project of STAB, «Fragmented Dream». In those two years STAB carried out a research, which included the attribution and interpretation of Soviet monumental art. The map of mosaics includes virtually every major mosaic in Bishkek, located both in the city center and in suburban areas (microrayons). The map includes seventeen mosaics, six of which are connected into a walking route. The map is accompanied by cultural commentaries and details about the mosaics, which makes it a full-fledged tool for self-guided exploration of these pieces of monumental art. Additionally, STAB offers the guided tour. The purpose of the tour and the map is to draw attention of the residents and visitors of the city to the artistic heritage of the socialist modernization project of the 60-80’s. It also offers new forms of urban activism – urban exploration, — as well as helps to preserve these mosaics in Bishkek, since many of them, despite being under the state's protection status, are in poor condition.

Wednesday 16 August, full day
One-day tour to Ala-Archa Gorge (by Advantour)

Ala-Archa is the most visited gorge and national park in Kyrgyzstan located 35 km away from Bishkek. 200 square kilometers are covered by coniferous forests and crystal river framed with mighty mountains. The gorge is flanked by tall, snow-covered peaks with steep-sided, forested, mountain slopes.
Tour itinerary:
•    Transfer to the Ala-Archa National Park after breakfast.
•    Hiking in the gorge.
•    Return back to the alpine camp.
•    Transfer to Bishkek.

Prices for 2018:
Number of people    Tour price per person in USD:
10                          28
20                          25
30                          16
50                          14
100                        14

Payment for this trip should be made onsite at the conference registration desk, no later than Monday 13 August.

Standard tour price includes:
1.    Transportation throughout the whole trip.
2.    English speaking guide;
3.    Entrance fee to the national park. Camera/video fees are not included and should be paid separately;

Tour price does not include personal insurance, meals and items not mentioned above.